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elden ring best staff

If you enter Elden Ring using one of the magic classes, you’ll have an excellent team to help you get started. Contrary to most RPGs that you play, the weapons you’ll start Elden Ring with can carry you to the very end. However, there are more effective weapons available in the game.

After a few days in Elden Ring best staff, the best strategy to boost the damage is to find a more robust staff (and upgrade it as high as possible). This will have a more significant impact than merely leveling up. So why settle for less when you can have the most potent staff fit for a shaman of the highest rank? Elden Ring best starting class can help you with what you are reading about game or can help you to discover fresh perspectives regarding your topic.

The reasons behind these variations differ; they could buff the effectiveness of a particular type of magic or have a high level of damage. In any case, there are a few staves that are useful. Here are some that you should take into consideration during your next game.

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

When you return to Sellia, the Town of Sorcery, for the final time, killing the town’s boss and the Nox Swordtress along with the Nox Priest. You’ll be able to find an item in a chest. The inside contains one of the best weapons in the game Lusat’s Glintstone Staff. If Intelligence is the only damage-based stat you’re investing into, the staff will surpass any other staves in the game regarding damage.

Albinauric Staff

There’s a simple reason to use this staff: Albinauric Staff: You’ve decided to focus on Arcane instead of Intelligence. If you’re a fan of Elden Ring’s arcane incantations or have a bleeding build and want to throw some magic, it’s possible to use this staff, which is based mainly on arcane, not Intelligence. With a +25 upgrade, it’ll still reach B-tier intelligence scaling. However, it’s S-tier arcane, which scales starting at +19.

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